Outcome Recording Questionnaires

Any organisation that provides interventions for people with complex needs can now engage their Service Users in the completion of questionnaires to support their regular progress reviews.

Every person that uses your service will have a different set of needs and objectives they hope to get help with from you. It is important, then, that you can show them, or others, how well you are doing against what was expected. CORS does this by allowing you to not only review what the service user has done while they are with you, but also what happened through activity comments.

Now CORS also allows you to gather the service user’s perspective by getting them to complete objective specific questionnaires. This can be done by them completing questionnaires on their own, or in the presence of a carer or member of staff. They can access their own personalised set of questions online using any pc, laptop or mobile device, and their answers directly contribute to the review process in CORS.

Please watch our latest video about co-production in action :

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