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What we do

Typically, when we work with your organisation we will start by getting a general feel about what your intended outcomes are by asking who you are providing feedback to and why. We usually attend your location for a day or two, to establish what you are likely to need to report on, and to install our software on the machines you require. During this process we will assist you with the setup and use of the software, and provide advice as to how to setup the system to meet your own very special needs. Once this is established, you have two months to decide whether the system will work for you. At the end of the two month free trial period you can decide whether to continue working with us, at which point we will commence monthly invoicing, which can be cancelled at any time. Throughout your use of CORS you will have on-going support from our outcomes and technical advisers. We encourage you to make suggestions that will continually improve our system to meet your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Call us right now to arrange your visit and start evaluating your service professionally today:

0161 408 1163

Outcome Recording Questionnaires

Any organisation that provides interventions for people with complex needs can now engage their Service Users in the completion of questionnaires to support their regular progress reviews.

Every person that uses your service will have a different set of needs and objectives they hope to get help with from you. It is important, then, that you can show them, or others, how well you are doing against what was expected. CORS does this by allowing you to not only review what the service user has done while they are with you, but also what happened through activity comments.

Now CORS also allows you to gather the service user’s perspective by getting them to complete objective specific questionnaires. This can be done by them completing questionnaires on their own, or in the presence of a carer or member of staff. They can access their own personalised set of questions online using any pc, laptop or mobile device, and their answers directly contribute to the review process in CORS.

Please watch our latest video about co-production in action :