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How soon can we have CORS?

As soon as we receive a request for a free trial we will send you an email with account login details. You can download the software and get started straight away. We prefer to offer installation and user training to help get you started, how soon that can happen will depend on arranging a mutually convenient time to visit your site. If this is local to us (North West) we usually get there within the week, if further it can take a little longer. We can do everything remotely, but we prefer not to! This is because CORS is close to our heart, and to get the best out of it we believe it helps if we come and talk with you while we set it up, help you see how to use it, and answer any questions you have along the way.

We need funding, can you help?

We understand that many organisations providing community interventions will need to apply for funding from their authorities or backers to pay for CORS. We can help with the process of drafting your funding application making the process quick and easy for you and improving your chances of success. To discuss your requirements get in touch with our outcome specialist Karen on 0161 408 1163 or by emailing

How long will my Free Trial last?

The free trial period is two months. You must however give notice that you intend to cease using the system one month prior to the end of the trial period. This will allow Gravitas to offer you a ‘data draw down’ service to capture any data that you may have held on the system. Charges will be incurred if this notice has not been given. Your data will automatically be deleted a month from termination or sooner if requested.

Where will I be able to access CORS?

The answer is just about anywhere!

You are free to install as many copies of the ‘front end’ of the system as you wish. The Users and all your data are held in the cloud, therefore all you need is an internet connection. If you have a laptop with WIFI for instance you could install the linking software on it and whenever you need to work, just log in. All access attempts are logged by us, so you will know if anyone else has tried to login with an incorrect password.

This means while you are waiting for a client you could finish note updates, or maybe just at home where it is a little quieter than your workplace environment for instance.

Will we need any special software to run CORS?

The software operates through a ‘front-end’ window that will sit on your own pc. This is supported by a ‘Runtime’ version of Microsoft Access 2010, which can be downloaded free of charge from Microsoft:

If you already have a full version copy of Microsoft Access 2010 or 2013 there is no requirement to load a runtime version. If you have an earlier version of Access you will need to load a 2010 runtime version.

Optional additional components may also require Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013.

Don’t forget, at any time if you need help just email us at or call us on 0161 408 1163

Will CORS work on our network?

Most security setups will already allow CORS to connect to the cloud. Our technical support will guide you through the whole setup process.

If there are special permission arrangements to be setup by your technical staff they will usually be able to make any changes necessary fairly easily.

The system that you use to enter data is designed in Microsoft Access which is widely available and operates easily in most standard PC environments.

Will we be able to streamline our processes to aid effective service delivery?

CORS should be able to make your processes easier to track and follow, allowing your staff more time to get on with delivering your interventions.

Will CORS enable us to comply with our Information Governance obligations?

It will exceed the levels of security and ensure compliance in the appropriate elements relating to record keeping, data confidentiality and security.

Can CORS be customised to meet our needs?

It depends on the change. Sometimes it is easy for us to make small changes and we often find the things you request will benefit all of our clients. In other instances where changes are more detailed and specific to you we might need to charge for the change. Please get in touch to find out more.

How is CORS maintained and updated?

Most of our updates take place to the database, which is not held locally on your systems so you will not need to take any action for this. In the instances where we make updates to the system that accesses the data, this is simple to install and can be downloaded securely from us. If you have any issues installing updates, we will happily arrange to do this on-site for you.