Karen Spencer

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Karen, a developmental psychologist, is passionate about all things ethical, and has always been keen to support community groups that provide unique services for ‘hard to reach groups’ that might otherwise slip through the service provision net. She takes every opportunity she can to support this in her personal and professional life, doing lots of charity work alongside running Gravitas Outcome Services CIC.

Karen’s journey started with fostering teenagers, a role she found profoundly rewarding but challenging, which prompted her research into familial attachment patterns of social service clients whilst teaching Cognitive and Developmental Psychology to undergraduates.

Before Gravitas Outcome Services CIC Karen had been a Probation Officer and was working as a consultant with the Manchester Multi-Agency Gang Strategy (M.M.A.G.S) promoting positive links with the Probation and Youth Offending Services under a Crime and Disorder Partnership umbrella which was set up with the intended ‘outcome’ of ‘reduction in gun crime in Greater Manchester’.

Her outcomes work with us draws on these varied experiences.  Karen makes recording methods as simple and straight forward as possible, but also understands the need for comprehensive flexibility to capture the myriad of outcomes information that comes from working with people.

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