Who We Work With

Gravitas Outcome Services work with charities and community interest groups throughout the United Kingdom to help them improve the lives of disadvantaged people. We specialise in helping each organisation measure and track their interventions helping them to increase the effectiveness of their work.

Typically, we work with enterprises working in the following sectors:

  •  Mental Health
  •  Child and Family Support
  •  Special Needs extra support
  •  Substance Misuse
  •  Training & Employment
  •  Criminal justice
  •  Reablement Home Care

Here are some specific examples:

SPARC (Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre)

SPARCBased in Stockport SPARC were our first system user, so are the longest-running service within the CORS database. We have been working with them since 2008 when they agreed to participate in a pilot project looking at Commissioning Outcomes in the North West in conjunction with the NHS. Working with people that have severe mental health needs they needed to capture small changes and wanted to include soft outcomes. They now use CORS as in integral part of planning services and activities and staff are delighted saying they ‘just don’t know how they ever managed without it’.

Ayrshire Childrens Services (ACS)

ACSOur first installation outside of England, and a really exciting opportunity to work with a service from its inception! We have been excited to discover how forward-thinking Scottish organisations are – and this has led to exhibiting at the Social Enterprise Exchange. This service is provided exclusively by volunteers which is going to contribute to our development of the volunteer co-ordinator within the CORS system. Having received ‘Awards for All’ Lottery funding it was really important to ACS that they had reliable methods of reporting outcomes. Following an audit they received an ‘excellent’ score for their monitoring systems because of CORS.

We work with many other services currently including one for victims of rape, one that improves health in a local community, two very different advocacy services, one for victims of serious violent offences, a christian street based youth service, and even a rural outreach project in the USA. All of our services only have one thing in common, they seek to improve the lives of people that for many different reasons experience some form of disadvantage.

Implementing our system, CORS, can help fulfill your obligations to provide reports and analysis to funding bodies, authorities, and supporters, allowing you to focus on providing a better service.

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