Helping Each Other…

Many of our organisations turn to each other for support for various reasons; sometimes one of them may have been successful with a funding bid that the other organisation is just commencing on, sometimes the similarity in service provision, despite being in different locations, means that they can learn something about what outcome measures are meaningful, and sometimes they even contact each other for guidance and support about how to use CORS! This doesn’t worry us, as we are aware that sometimes you just need somebody that understands you to talk to.

We also turn to our clients to improve our service. We consistently ask for suggestions about how to make CORS better from the people that use the system day in day out. When we started developing CORS into a system that many services would use (we had originally made CORS for one service, but many other organisations asked if they could have it too), we knew that the more people that subscribed to CORS the better value we could make it. This is the old chicken and egg scenario however, whereby until we had to have sufficient numbers to make us sustainable, there wouldn’t even be a chance of our system continuing. The trick was also not to grow too fast so that we could offer a higher quality service. This was many years ago now however, thankfully, and CORS is definitely here to stay, and growing steadily!

The next stage then is to become better value as more services join our family. We are using the ‘helping each other’ model to allow our services to attract others by recommendation for discounts on their own provision. If you know any organisations that you think would benefit from our system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask about the discount schemes available.

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