New Beginnings

It’s interesting that when you work with computers people think you can do everything! We have often been asked to resolve network conflicts or broadband connection speed issues, and while we try to be helpful, sometimes we just have to admit these problems are outside of our remit! We’ve had our own tests in this area recently with our web page. Having been the victim of a malicious attack we have now lost all our lovely blog posts that were so lovingly created.

Scottish Parliament

Just to recap then;

We attended the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood for a cross party group on social enterprise looking at the impact of the welfare reforms. It was really inclusive and we were even asked to sit ’round table’ at the front and join in the discussion!


Resisting Chocolate!

Resisting Chocolate!

I had to try really hard not to eat all the lovely goodies from chocolate memories, an organisation that provides employment opportunities through enterprise for people with autism. The event was a great success, and our first foray into exhibiting. We have now caught the bug because it was great talking to so many inspiring people and are due to do our next exhibition at the Third Sector conference on measuring outcomes in May, why not come along and have a chat? We’d love to see you, and you may learn something from the great speakers they have lined up.

'Take her to the Towers'

‘Take her to the Towers’

So, off to the Houses of Parliament next:

An interesting juxtaposition to attending the Scottish Parliament which I found to be wholly inclusive. This meeting was more informative in that they explained the way forward in developing an investment market for the Big Society philanthropy capital. I met some interesting people but mostly got very tired, it was a long day.

Now to the next step, I hope to keep much more up to date with things now that we have our new site and brand new identity. These are definitely exciting times for Gravitas Outcome Services CIC as we are becoming more and more in demand.

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